Tariff & Policies

Accommodation Price Ranges

Single occupancy $130 - $180 Double/Twin $145 - $200 Extra persons $30 - $50
Prices are in NZ$, per night and include GST (sales tax).

The exact tariff varies seasonally and occasionally from day to day, so please telephone or email for a quotation.

Chalet Types

At the time of booking, we will note requests for a particular type of accommodation, eg your preference between NE or SW facing chalets, or whether at ground-level or up a few steps to the front deck.

Unfortunately we cannot normally guarantee to provide any particular location.

Bookings Policy

All bookings will be confirmed in writing if time permits, preferably by email.

Private bookings must be secured either with valid credit card details, for which the cardholder is deemed to agree the cancellation fee shown below in case of need, or else a booking must be secured by cheque or online pre-payment.

Corporate bookings are accepted without pre-payment on the clear understanding that the corporate body becomes liable for any cancellation fees that may become due.


Payment is due on arrival.

We accept all major credit and debit cards using a standard handheld electronic terminal.

Pre-payments can be made by cheque (allow 3 working days before arrival for clearance), in cash or by online pre-payment into our bank account (please email for details).

Cancellation Policy

Bookings cancelled 2 clear days prior to arrival - No fee will be charged.

Bookings cancelled less than 2 days notice or failure to arrive, a fee of 1 night accommodation will be charged, unless resold.

For certain holiday periods and for group bookings of 2 or more chalets simultaneously, an extended cancellation period may be imposed (eg up to 21 days), subject to written notice in the booking correspondence.

Security and Liability

Guests, once checked-in, become liable for the security of themselves, their possessions, their vehicles and the contents of the chalet. To prevent theft, please remember to lock-it-up!

Cash and valuables can be stored in our safe: please ask at Reception on arrival.

Authorisation & Disclaimer

This is the official authorized website of Kerigold Chalets Ltd trading as Kerigold Secluded Chalets Motel. The terms, conditions & policies published here are recognized and binding, unless varied by written agreement.

The terms and conditions of other, third party marketing and promotion websites do not apply unless agreed to in writing by us.

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