Responsible Tourism

Please help us to keep New Zealand's environment as 'green' as possible.

We try to operate Kerigold Secluded Chalets to minimise its 'carbon footprint' and generally to protect New Zealand's beautiful environment. To this end:-

  • Low-energy fluorescent light bulbs are fitted wherever possible, however, these can be slow to start when you turn on the switch - please be patient while they start, warm-up and brighten
  • Each cottage has its own low-power insulated hot-water cylinder: please do not waste hot water by leaving the tap on unattended - you might run out!
  • Your refrigerator is set to 'medium' = 'cool': please only turn the dial to 'high' = 'cold' if you need to store quantities of food.
  • The cottages are fitted with 'Heat-Recovery Ventilation' systems to warm/cool and keep the buildings dry.
  • We purchase our electricity from suppliers that try to maximise the use of hydro- and wind- generated electricity.
  • We use special non-bleach low phosphate washing powder in the laundry: please do not use conventional powder as this will interfere with our sewerage plant.
  • We have a bio-digesting sewerage treatment plant on site: please do not kill the 'friendly bacteria' by using bleach or hair-dye in the sink, basin or shower.
  • We aim to recycle all the waste that it is possible to do so in Northland: we invite you to help us by segregating recyclables into the special bin provided.
  • We do not use conventional toxic pesticides on our trees and gardens.
  • Please consider whether you really need a fresh set of towels every day: if they can be used again, please place them on the rail to dry.
  • We try to purchase the best value eco-friendly soaps, shampoos and cleaning products which come in bio-degradable packaging.
  • We purchase the majority of our supplies from local manufacturers and wholesalers in order to minimise unnecessary 'carbon transport kilometres'.

Our Sustainable Buying Policy

If you wish to supply us with your products, you should be aware that:-

  • Cleaning products need supporting documentation to attest their eco-friendliness
  • Packaging should be bio-degradable or recyclable and preferably taken back by you the supplier
  • We prefer stationery and office supplies made from recycled materials and that can themselves be recycled again.
  • Electrical items need to be 'Energy Star' rated and we aim to use only the highest star rated items available in any given price range.
  • When replacing worn-out hardware items, such as TVs, fridges, beds and furniture we seek suppliers willing to remove and arrange recycling of our obsolete equipment.
  • For services, such as electricity, telecom, waste removal, etc we choose based on your environmental performance as well as your quality of service and price.
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